Best Garage Floor Materials in Florida

Your concrete garage floor should use the best materials to make it shine. After all, we use our garages every day to store our cars, house tools and store essential home equipment. Many even opt to convert their garages into home gyms, game rooms or guest rooms. With so many uses, you’ll want a stylish alternative […]

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Keeping Your Garage Pest-Free

Keeping your garage pest-free is an essential aspect of maintaining a structurally sound home. While the garage may be a room you don’t always use, it’s still important to regularly clean and inspect your garage. One of the most common pest infestation concerns is that pests often destroy belongings and can even damage your home. […]

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Converting Your Garage Into a Home Office

If you took a look into your neighbor’s garage, you’d likely see a car or two and a few piles of boxes, a collection of tools and a bike. While most people continue to use their garages for parking and storage, you can use your garage for numerous other purposes, including a home office. As […]

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How Much Can a New Garage Door Improve My Home’s Value?

Updated: March 12th, 2020 Many Floridian urban and suburban homes feature a street-facing garage door — when looking at your exterior facade, does the garage door look dated or detract from the overall appeal of your home? Drab, dinged and damaged steel sectional doors can negatively affect the visual appeal of your home and also […]

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Common Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Like with any mechanic object, sometimes the garage door doesn’t work the way it should. However, unlike other things, your garage door malfunctioning can be a security issue, and it could also keep you from entering your home. If you find that your garage door isn’t opening, the reason could range from something that’s easily […]

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Modern steel grooved garage door with 4 windows

Do I Need an Insulated Garage Door in Florida?

Updated July 21st, 2020 When many homeowners consider replacing their current garage door with a trendy insulated option, they consider protecting their garage space from extremely cold temperatures — so how would those upgrades benefit Florida residents? Garages aren’t considered additional living space, so when your house was built, this area was not constructed with […]

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Safe and Fun Garage Activities for Kids

Whether it’s a rainy day or too hot to go outside, the garage is a great place to put together some activities for your kids! Open the door while it’s raining to enjoy the cool breezes, or keep it shut to keep out the heat. Before you start planning some games for your kids in […]

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Black Coachman two-car garage door

Best Ways to Keep Your Garage Door Clean

You’re already doing routine chores around the house, like vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. But, did you know you should be cleaning your garage door, too? When you routinely clean your garage door, you’re maintaining your home’s curb appeal and helping keep the mechanisms in good working order. If too much dirt and grime build-up, it […]

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DIY Garage door organization

Alternative Garage Space Ideas

Despite many homes having a garage for parking cars, many are either too small to comfortably park vehicles, or homeowners are keeping their cars in the driveway, preferring to use the garage as overflow storage space for unused household items, garden tools or outdoor equipment. Instead of using your garage as an at-home storage unit, […]

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Wooden garage door with windows across the top

How to Clean and Organize Your Messy Garage

Did you look into your garage one day and suddenly realize you have a messy space that’s overflowing with yard tools, sporting equipment and vehicle fluids and accessories? Whether the accumulation of items happened suddenly or gradually, you can easily clean and organize your garage over a long weekend. Begin by separating everything in the […]

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Home with tan two-car Coachman Collection garage door

7 Garage Storage Solutions to Keep Your Space Organized

When you open your garage door, do you see things that no longer fit inside the home? What can you do to prevent your garage from turning into an unmanageable mess? For a start, you can take advantage of effective garage organization ideas that are already helping homeowners make the most of this often-cluttered space. […]

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A man and woman looking over some papers at their desk

Financing Your New Garage Door

The need for a new garage door doesn’t always arrive at a convenient time. In fact, it often arrives during cash crunches — like around the holidays or right after the April tax deadline. What do you do when you need a new garage door but money is tight? Consider your garage door financing options. […]

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