Broten Garage Door Sales technician repairing a garage door

Common Garage Door Noises Every Homeowner Should Know

Leaving for work one morning, you notice your garage door making a strange new noise — maybe a grinding sound or squeak as it opens or closes.  Your garage door may still open and close as needed, but many homeowners make the mistake of not asking what unfamiliar sounds could indicate. Eventually, your garage door […]

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Garage upgrades for your smart home

Garage Upgrades for Your Smart Home

Today, technology has made many of our daily tasks and home systems easier, streamlined and more efficient. With new smart garage door openers, you can operate your system from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. But why bother integrating your garage door opener with your home and mobile technology when your classic garage door […]

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Woman in an office using the LiftMaster MyQ app

Did I Close the Garage Door?

Have you ever thought, “Did I close the garage door?” If you are like most people, at some time you have thought to yourself, “Did I close the garage door when I left?”  You may have even driven back to the house just to see it closed and secure.  Don’t feel bad, we have all […]

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