Posted on: February 26, 2019

You’re already doing routine chores around the house, like vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. But, did you know you should be cleaning your garage door, too?

When you routinely clean your garage door, you’re maintaining your home’s curb appeal and helping keep the mechanisms in good working order. If too much dirt and grime build-up, it may be covering up some issues with the door’s mechanics. Keeping the door clean will show you if there are any issues right away.

There are a few different ways to clean your garage door. Below, you’ll find some of the best methods for keeping this part of your home clean, as well as some things to avoid.

What to Do

  • Use warm water
  • Use a gentle dish detergent
  • Use a sponge or rag
  • Clean all parts inside and out
  • Get annual tune-up to maintain garage door system

The best way to clean your garage is with warm water, a gentle dish detergent, and a soft cleaning utensil, like a sponge or rag. Clean off all the dirt, pollen, mold and other debris from the inside and outside of your door — and don’t forget the other parts of your garage door, either.

Clean out any gunk from the door’s tracks and the part under the door that keeps inclement weather out of your garage. Keeping these pieces clean is even more important than cleaning the door itself. When the tracks are clean, your door will run much more smoothly than if it had a lot of debris built up.

If you’re able, you should try washing the garage door twice a year. This proactive approach will keep your garage door running smoothly and allowing you to enjoy it for a long time. However, if you don’t have the time, make sure you’re cleaning it annually.

Another way to protect your garage door is by applying car wax to it. After you clean it, you can use the wax to the clean surface. The car wax will help repel grime and moisture, which can damage the door.

One of the best things you can also do for your garage door along with the cleaning is having a professional complete an annual garage door tune-up which will include lubrication of the moving parts on your garage door. After cleaning them, the lubrication can help protect from dirt, mud and excessive wear and tear, helping to extend the functioning life of your garage door system.

What Not to Do

There are a few things that may sound like they’ll help your garage door but could cause much more harm. These include:

  • Using a Power Washer: You should never use a power washer on your garage door. If it’s made from a material that can be damaged by the hard spray, like natural wood or steel, it can do a lot of harm. If you’re looking for a way to rinse off the soap, your hose will work just fine.
  • Oiling the Mechanisms of Your Door: The sticky oil will just trap more dirt and debris, making the door run worse instead of better. It could end up causing more serious damage to the door if it’s unable to open and close properly.
  • Working Hastily: You should be very careful of the more delicate parts of your garage door mechanism. Many modern garage doors have sensors to keep the door from crushing anything that gets in its way, as well as sensors that detect movement to turn lights on. While you’re cleaning the garage door, be very careful around these parts. If you’re not watching what you’re doing, they could get out of their proper alignment, and you may have to hire a professional to come out and fix them.

When you take care of your garage door, it will take care of you. When you regularly clean it, you’re keeping it in its best condition and letting it live to a long lifespan. But, even when you’re cleaning the garage door on a regular basis, it may still need repairs or maintenance.

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