As a Florida resident, you understand how much the heat and humidity can affect your home, including your garage. At Broten Garage Door Sales, we provide our customers with top-of-the-line garage door lubricants to increase the lifespan of your garage door parts and ensure your opener works for years to come.

Door Lubricant

What Is Garage Door Lubricant?

Garage door lubricants are silicone or lithium-based lubricants that you apply to your rollers, springs, hinges, and other garage door components every few months as part of your regular maintenance routine. While most of your door parts are metal, there are also rubber, plastic, and nylon components to maintain. When choosing a lubricant, you want an option that’s safe to apply on all of these materials.

The best lubricants for general use are silicone-based because they’re long-lasting and provide the best protection against moisture. Silicone lubricants also effectively penetrate hard-to-reach areas like tight hinges and coiled springs. Additionally, silicone lubricants are weather-resistant and withstand hot and cold conditions.

A lithium-based lubricant — also called garage door grease — stays on the component’s surface and adheres to metal, making it ideal for reducing friction between metal parts. These features make lithium grease the best choice for lubricating rollers, rails, chains, and other areas. Lithium-based lubricants are also weather-resistant and have water-resistant properties.

Why Is Garage Lubricant Important?

Garage door lubricant is essential for keeping your garage door operating smoothly and quietly. Moisture and humidity can cause the metal parts in your garage to rust. If these rusted metal parts rub together as you open or close the door, they’ll make an unpleasant screeching or groaning noise and wear down over time. Garage door lubricants protect metal parts from moisture and friction, reduce oxidization, and prevent operating issues down the line.

How to Use Garage Door Lube

You should lubricate your garage door rollers and parts at least every six months to ensure your garage door lasts as long as possible. When maintaining your garage door, you should lubricate:

  • Springs: The springs work hard to lift your garage door every day, so you want to ensure they’re well-maintained. Spray the springs with enough silicone-based lube that they’ll move better, but not so much that it drips.
  • Hinges: Hinges are essential for the structural integrity of your garage. You should lubricate your metal garage door hinges at the pivot points, but avoid spraying any nylon hinges.
  • Rollers: Garage door rollers connect your door to the track so that you can open and close it. Lubricate your garage door rollers by spraying the entire roller if it’s all-metal or the metal bearings if the wheels are nylon. Proper lubrication will reduce noise during operation.

Get Reliable Garage Door Products From Broten

At Broten, we’re committed to providing our customers in South Florida and beyond with the highest-quality garage maintenance products. With over 60 years of industry experience, we’re ready to help you find the best products and solutions to your garage door needs. Fill out our online form to learn more about our services, or call a member of our team at 954-946-5555 with any questions.

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