Posted on: February 11, 2019

Despite many homes having a garage for parking cars, many are either too small to comfortably park vehicles, or homeowners are keeping their cars in the driveway, preferring to use the garage as overflow storage space for unused household items, garden tools or outdoor equipment. Instead of using your garage as an at-home storage unit, consider converting the space into a fun, practical area you’ll want to use daily.

5 Alternative Garage Space Ideas



Many people work from home and need a quiet place dedicated to completing tasks without distractions. The garage is the perfect place set aside for some quiet. To make the garage feel more like an extension of your home, try adding insulation and windows for temperature control and more natural light.

If you like the idea of a dedicated space for tasks but don’t necessarily need a home office, use your garage space for crafts and hobbies. The garage is a wide-open space you can use to spread out all of your materials and then easily organize them when not in use. Try building a large work table for easy use and installing task lighting.


Your garage may already be storing an exercise bicycle or treadmill — take the next step and convert the space into your ideal workout space. To completely transform your garage, try installing cushioned flooring for comfortable exercise, mirrors along the wall to track your progress and add some weight racks.


As your family grows, space for everyone starts to become more scarce. For younger children, your garage can be the ideal playroom for making a lot of noise and making a mess without disturbing the rest of the household. For older kids and teenagers, garages provide the perfect space for privacy or hanging out with friends.


Big, open kitchens and dining areas are currently a popular home trend, but many lack the space for hosting large groups of friends and family. In Florida especially, outdoor dining can be comfortable and scenic. Use your garage as an extension of your dining and entertaining area — try adding beautiful double doors and string lights to really enhance the area.


After a long work week, don’t you want to go someplace relaxing where the television is always tuned to your favorite channel? Convert your garage into a stellar man cave by adding a new bar or bar cart, a television and some big, comfortable seating options.

Pro Tip: Keep Your Garage Cool

If you are considering using your garage for more than just your car or extra storage, it will be important to keep your garage space cool in the high temperatures we get here in South Florida. Keeping your garage door cool, even during the hottest days, will help make your alternative garage space always comfortable and pleasant.

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