Posted on: April 24, 2018

When you open your garage door, do you see things that no longer fit inside the home? What can you do to prevent your garage from turning into an unmanageable mess? For a start, you can take advantage of effective garage organization ideas that are already helping homeowners make the most of this often-cluttered space.

Here’s a look at garage storage tips for your home. And remember: when you fail to keep your garage organized, it can quickly grow out of control and leave you unable to use the garage altogether. These garage organization tips can help:

  1. Start by Sorting: One easy thing many homeowners haven’t done yet is organize. Tools are mixed in with holiday decorations, which are sitting on top of a bike. Try to come up with broad categories and then organize everything in your garage into one of those categories. Then you can find space for your tools and your decorations, space for kids’ toys and space for exercise and recreation equipment.
  2. Invest in Shelving: You can find affordable shelving at stores like Ollie’s, Container Store and Home Depot. Go an extra step by investing in metal baskets that sit on the shelves. This helps you get some of the smaller items that might litter your garage off of the floor and into a more contained space. This immediately makes your garage seem less cluttered.
  3. Add Hooks and Pegs: If you haven’t installed pegs or hooks in key places around your garage, it’s time to get started. A classic peg board is a great place to stash tools and other home equipment, and you can use hooks to hang coats or other seasonal items that find their way into the garage.
  4. Consider Built-Ins: Adding cabinets and other built-in storage solutions is a more significant step to take. It will require a more substantial investment, but the payoff could be huge if you take advantage of them and keep them as organized as possible.
  5. Create Vertical Space: The footprint of your garage is limited. You’ll have more space if you work upward. Consider hanging bicycles from the ceiling or using vertical shelving and cabinets to maximize space in your garage that typically goes unused.
  6. Paint the Floor: Sometimes an organized garage is one that provides the appearance of cleanliness. Epoxy garage flooring is one easy way to provide that appearance.
  7. Always Focus on Garage Door Operation: The best thing for your garage is a door that is fully operational. Make sure that whatever organizational tools you add to your garage never interfere with the actual operation of your garage door. A storage or organization solution isn’t very helpful if it prevents you from properly using your garage door or you cannot get inside to access everything

A garage can be such a pivotal place in a home. It’s a site for organized storage and a refuge for vehicles and other valuable assets. At Broten Garage Door Sales, we help homeowners in Broward County, Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida make the most of their garages.

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