Posted on: April 25, 2018

A new garage door is a powerful home update that can enhance your home’s curb appeal and help it achieve its full potential. But the world of garage doors is vast — and you’ll find no shortage of options as you search for the perfect garage door for your home. As you begin shopping, here are some things to know and consider before you decide on a new garage door in South Florida.

  • Material: What material garage door works best for your home? Steel garage doors are perhaps the most common, but you can also find natural wood garage doors, faux wood and composite-clad garage doors, too, as well as aluminum and glass options that are ideal for contemporary and modern homes. Consider how much you want to spend and how much maintenance you’re willing to perform before landing on a final decision.
  • Style: Style is important, too. You can, of course, find traditional panel-style garage doors. But carriage house-style garage doors are making a comeback. Carriage house garage doors provide the appearance of swing-out opening and closing but with the convenience of upward operation. For older, classic-looking homes, carriage house-style garage doors can be a perfect fit.

  • Options: Beyond material and style, there are all sorts of options to enjoy when searching for a new garage door in South Florida. You can add windows, decorative hardware, insulation and other add-ons to your design. These options allow you to semi-customize or fully customize your new garage door to best meet your unique needs.

  • Accessories: Do you need a new garage door opener? You already do everything from your smartphone — why not use it to open your garage door? Whether you opt for the reassuring convenience of a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener with WiFi connectivity to your smartphone or a wall-mount garage door, you can find a range of accessories that help enhance the operation of your door.
  • Security: Safety is so important when it comes to choosing a new garage door. There are only so many ways for someone to gain access to your home, and the garage door is the largest and perhaps the most vulnerable way. Consider taking special security precautions, like buying a keychain-sized garage door remote that you never leave in your car. You can also use a garage door opener that connects to your smartphone with WiFi so you’re always in control. Additional investments like these can help keep your home and your garage in South Florida as secure as possible.


  • Safety: Here in South Florida, we must worry about hurricanes and the safety threats they pose. Did you know that you can buy specially reinforced garage doors for your home? A reinforced garage door is of the utmost importance for homes and garages in South Florida due to the possibility of a hurricane causing damage. You can find a trusted garage door team to ensure that you are protecting your home and garage door with products, equipment and installation that can withstand intense winds and weather.

At Broten Garage Door Sales, we have been serving South Florida homeowners since 1955. If you own a home in Broward County or Palm Beach County and you’re interested in a new garage door, we can help. We specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of garage doors, garage door openers and garage door accessories. When you’re shopping for a new door, browse our catalog for the most thoughtfully designed garage door products on the market.

We also provide outstanding customer service that is aimed at meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. This approach to service has allowed us to earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau as well as the Angie’s List Super Service Award. When you’re in the market for garage doors in South Florida and you want the best selection coupled with the best installation, trust the experience and the team you’ll find at Broten Garage Door Sales.

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