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Your home’s exterior includes more than just your garage door. With garage door decorations, you can elevate your home’s facade with finishing touches to create a sleek, one-of-a-kind appearance that turns heads. At Broten Garage Door Sales, we offer durable, stylish garage door hardware designed with quality and longevity in mind.

Implementing decorative hardware into your garage door design will enhance its style and complement your home’s exterior. Our selection includes high-quality styles, colors, and materials that will make your home stand out.

Hardware Kits

Our garage door hardware kits contain cohesive garage door hardware, such as matching handles, hinges, plates, and more. These kits are ideal for individuals who prefer an all-in-one package — all you have to do is determine what hardware style you want, and all of your decorations will follow suit.


We carry decorative door lift handles to incorporate a subtle yet effective element of style and elegance. These vertical pieces sport gorgeous bolted ends that make a statement with sophisticated shapes like spears and spades. You can also purchase our decorative lift handles, which generate a majestic, antique-like look for any garage door.

In addition to our lift handles, we also carry twisted “L” handles. These horizontal handles are embellished with delicate metal twists, making a stunning accompaniment for any garage door. We also carry regal door knockers that project a vintage style and timeless elegance to increase your home’s curb appeal.

You can also invest in our lock-mounting escutcheon plates, ideal for fast and easy replacement on steel and wood garage doors. These replacement parts comprise a simple, sleek look that will complement practically any handle.

Strap Hinges

Our garage door strap hinges comprise a long, narrow construction that emulates functionality and style. Screw one side of the strap into the door and the other onto an adjacent stationary surface for a secure attachment and aesthetic appeal. Strap hinges are available in numerous sizes, styles, and finishes, enabling you to choose the ones that best fit your exterior.

Step Plates

Transform your garage doors with our state-of-the-art step plates. Our plate hardware comprises durable steel with a premium black finish, along with all the components you need to facilitate a smooth installation. We carry three decorative plate styles, including spade, spear, and colonial configurations that you can choose from based on your unique style preferences.

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You can enjoy the sleek and stunning appearance of a decorative garage door with hardware from Broten. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality products, maintenance, and repairs while delivering exceptional customer service.

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