Broten Garage Door Sales provides a variety of garage door accessories, including high-quality steel step plates. We only offer the best products from America’s largest residential garage door manufacturer — Clopay®.

Broten believes that the minor accessories for your home can be simple and elegant to boost your home’s curb appeal. Clopay step plates come with eye-catching designs that match classic or modern homes. Whatever kind of garage door plate you need, Broten has a decorative solution.

What Is a Step Plate?

A step plate for a garage door provides an easy place to set your foot when closing the door. Stepping on the footplate also allows good compression when the bottom seal locks. You can use a step plate as a footrest or handle when manually opening or closing your door. Our step plates screw into your garage door easily, just like the rest of our stylish hardware.

Clopay Step Plate Collection

Broten has a selection of exterior door step plates that balance long-lasting durability and curb appeal. Clopay step plates complement your existing garage door with an extra-strength steel build and black finish. You can find styles to go with our other decorative hardware, including hinges and handles.

Three examples of the selection at Broten include the spade, colonial, and spear step plates.

Spade Step Plate

The spade step plate is a classic design that evokes nobility on your garage door.

Colonial Step Plate

The Clopay colonial design remembers the birth of America with a callback to simple and elegant designs.

Spear Step Plate

Our spear design from Clopay boasts a sleek, stylized arrowhead shape.

The Benefits of Step Plates

Interior and exterior step plates complement your decorative pieces while improving your overall door function. Whether they’re in use or not, you can admire your step plates and enhance your garage door.

With a step plate, you can:

  • Use the handle to lift your garage door manually.
  • Step on the lower handle when closing the door.
  • Complement your other decor with similar finishes and designs.

Step plates and handles work together for functional design. If you prefer a manual garage door or need to open it in a pinch, step plates make it easy to do so.

Ensure Easy Access to Your Garage Door With a Clopay Step Plate

Clopay step plates modernize your door and allow you to open and shut your garage with ease. Broten is proud to serve as one of the top 20 Clopay Master Authorized dealers and we believe in the high quality of their materials.

When you choose Broten as your solution, you gain peace of mind from an experienced, professional company. We’ve been serving the South Florida community for over 20 years. We focus on one-on-one customer service with a one-year labor warranty and 24/7 support as a family-owned business.

Ready to discuss step plate options? You can contact our team today to begin exploring our inventory!

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