Your home exterior creates a strong first impression for visitors. You can stand out in your neighborhood and improve your home’s overall appearance with five-star garage door lift handles. Broten Garage Door Sales offers Clopay® solutions from simple, understated designs to artistic styles and historic choices.

The Broten Garage Door Sales team brings you maximum value with attractive door handles that last for years to come.

Spade Lift Handles

Ornament your home with a stylish accent piece that uses a sleek spade shape. The Clopay difference of style and quality can elevate your home’s curb appeal with a finishing touch.

Spear Lift Handles

Take your exterior home décor to the next level with sophisticated spear-shaped handles. It’s the little touches that make all the difference in enhancing your exterior.

Colonial Lift Handles

Colonial style décor blends the early taste of American Puritan culture with the simple elegance of Georgian England. The Clopay colonial decorative pull handle captures this luxurious but understated design. The handle matches taste with function by working with steel and wood garage doors.

Decorative Lift Handles

Bring old-world charm to your home with garage door pull handles that imitate a classic cast-iron design. Intricate craftsmanship and an uneven surface recreate the feel of a historical handle.

Ring Door Knocker

Ring Door Knocker

The ring door knocker from Clopay recreates the classic feel of genuine wrought iron for enhanced charm on your wood or steel garage door. An elegant fleur-de-lys, or lily, famously associated with France, serves as a striking topper above the ring. This regal door knocker can bring a touch of nobility to any home.

Escutcheon Plate

Escutcheon Plate

Clopay escutcheon plates are a classy and striking way to give your garage door entryway a professional, designer appearance. The metal plate fits over the keyhole on a wood or steel garage door to protect against wear and tear while also adding decorative charm.

Twisted “L” Handles

Twisted “L” Handles

The Clopay twisted “L” handle provides a unique and eye-catching design for your garage door pull handle. This horizontal design comes with delicate metal twists for a display of stunning craftsmanship on your garage door. Quick assembly and compatibility with wood and steel make it an easy choice for any homeowner.

Decorate Your Home With Stylish Garage Door Handles Today

You can make your home a showpiece with an outstanding garage door handle. Broten has served as Clopay’s largest Master Authorized Clopay Garage Door dealer in South Florida for over two decades.

We’ve brought solutions to homeowners like you for more than 60 years with a legacy of excellence as a family-owned business. You can trust our time-honored quality when you partner with us for your garage door or accessories. We also offer 24/7 service support and a one-year labor warranty.

Ready to make your door handle purchase? Contact Broten for one-on-one customer service today!

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