Posted on: July 11, 2018

South Florida residents are no strangers to frequent hurricanes. During a hurricane, garage doors serve a critical role in protecting your home against high winds. The loss of a garage door during a storm can lead to an uncontrolled buildup of internal pressure in your home, leading to roof and supporting wall blowouts. In 1992, one of the costliest aspects of Hurricane Andrew was the loss of garage doors.

Before the next time a hurricane blows through South Florida, take the necessary safety precautions to avoid costly damage to your home.

Garage Door Safety in a Hurricane

You can’t just shut your garage door and expect it to easily withstand a hurricane. To adequately protect your home against raging storms, follow these steps to properly secure your garage door:

  • Disconnect the garage door from the opener to ensure no one tries to open the door while it is locked — causing damage to the door and the opener. Unplug or disconnect the opener from the garage door when the door is closed.
  • Exit the garage, making sure the door reaches the floor, and lock the garage door. The garage door is not securely shut until you manually slide the lock bar into place.
  • Once the storm has passed, you can reconnect everything back together.

If you have an older, lightweight or flimsy garage door it’s absolutely the time to consider replacing your garage door in South Florida.



Ideal Garage Doors for South Florida Homes

As a homeowner located in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, the best protection against a hurricane is having a hurricane-rated garage door. They’re the sturdiest doors you can have installed in your home and can withstand the effects of a hurricane, preventing additional damage to your home. Hurricane-rated garage doors feature tough, resistant finishes and high-quality construction — giving you added peace of mind that your family is safe during a storm.

At Broten Garage Door Sales, we offer a wide selection of hurricane-resistant garage doors from Clopay, Eden Coast, Eco and Custom Doors in a variety of styles — many featuring windows with added impact resistance.

Need a Sturdier Garage Door? Call the Professionals at Broten Garage Door Sales

For the best hurricane protection, invest in a new hurricane-rated garage door from Broten Garage Door Sales. Our showroom features a variety of stylish Clopay garage doors that provide the best garage door reinforcement during a hurricane. In addition to having the best hurricane protection available, Broten Garage Door Sales has over 60 years of garage door installation experience, working with South Florida homeowners to ensure high-quality installation and an exceptional customer experience.

Learn more about our hurricane-rated garage doors today by calling us at 954.800.2213 or complete our online form to receive a project estimate.


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