Posted on: February 28, 2018

Are you looking to enhance your home? One of the best ways to attack home updates is to focus on customizing a new garage door. Think about how much of your home’s exterior a garage door takes up. When you settle for a generic, off-the-shelf garage door solution, your home blends into the street and its curb appeal fails to reach its maximum potential. But when you choose to customize your garage door, you greatly improve your home’s attractiveness — and its resale value.

To help you better understand your best option, here’s a look at different options you can enjoy when you decide to customize a garage door:

  • Material: Garage door shoppers tend to gravitate toward safe and common materials like steel. But there’s a whole world of garage door materials to explore, including natural wood and aluminum/glass garage door models for modern and contemporary homes. You always want the garage door materials to complement the existing architecture and help the garage door enhance the home’s outward appearance.
  • Style: We’ve become used to the idea that garage doors should be in the traditional panel style. While panel garage doors are perfect for many homes, there are also other style options you can consider when shopping for a stylish new garage door in the New Year. Carriage house-style garage doors, for example, provide a vintage appearance for older homes — swing-out style with the convenience of upward operation.

garage door styles in south florida

  • Windows: You can customize many garage doors by adding windows to the design. The key with windows in garage doors is to always balance the mix of natural light and privacy. The last thing you want is to make your home more vulnerable to an intruder by adding fully transparent, non-tinted windows to your garage door. You can also consider nearly full-window garage doors coupled with aluminum frames for a more modern appearance.
  • Color/Finish: The color or finish of your garage door should really tie together the overall look of your home’s exterior. You need not match the garage door color to the home’s primary color or the front door color, but do consider several options until you land on the right mix — and don’t be shy about asking for expert advice!

garage door color

  • Hardware: Decorative hardware is popular among consumers and available on a number of garage door models. Hardware can add a more refined look and feel to otherwise straightforward garage doors.

garage door hardware

  • Accessories: Consumers today enjoy access to so many different types of accessories. You can find a smart garage door opener, of course, and you can also consider advanced safety features, insulation and more. Accessories are your opportunity to truly make your garage door your own and make sure it looks the way you want and provides the convenience you expect.

Are you ready to customize a garage door in South Florida? At Broten Garage Door Sales, we can help. Since 1955, we’ve been serving clients in Broward County, Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas with the very best in garage door products and services. When you want the best among home updates, we can provide expert guidance as you consider your options to customize a garage door, including the many different options listed above.

Don’t let your home’s look and value lag behind their potential by accepting a generic garage door. Customize a garage door and watch as your home’s curb appeal improves and moves closer toward realizing its potential.

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