Posted on: July 17, 2017

Garage door keyless entry pads are incredibly convenient and helpful for many reasons. But these keyless entry portals need to be kept safe and secure so your home may also remain safe and secure. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know how to change their keyless entry PIN when needed. To learn how you can quickly and effectively change your keyless entry PIN, check out this helpful video.

Steps to Changing the PIN for Keyless Garage Door Entry

Steps to change your garage code include:

  • Entering the old pin
  • Creating a new pin
  • Test it out


Start by entering the old four-digit PIN. After you’ve entered the old PIN, press and hold the pound sign. Continue holding the pound sign until you see the light on your garage door opener flash twice. You’re looking for the light and the flashes on the main opener unit that’s typically located on the ceiling in the center of your garage.


You’ll want to have a new PIN in mind before you get started. It’s always a good idea to choose something that’s meaningful and easy to remember for you, while remaining personal and secretive enough that no one else could guess it.

After you’ve entered your old PIN and held down the pound sign until the light flashes twice, it’s time to enter your new PIN. Simply punch the new four-digit code into the keypad. Then, press and hold the enter button until you see the garage door opener’s light flash again. The flashing light indicates you have successfully changed your PIN.


It’s best to go ahead and test out your new PIN rather than assuming it works. Enter the four-digit PIN and your garage door should lower again. Consider changing your keyless entry PIN on a regular basis to achieve the utmost in garage door safety and security.

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