Posted on: March 25, 2020

Updated March 25th, 2020

South Florida summers are coming and so too is the heat.  Is your garage ready for the high temperatures?

Florida has a climate unique from other states in the country. It not only routinely hits high temperatures during the summer, but it also has very high humidity, too. If you’re a Florida resident, you’ve learned to live with this weather, even though it can be very unpleasant at times.

One issue you’ve likely faced as a homeowner is high temperatures in your garage. There are a few simple ways to avoid your scorching garage, like avoiding spending time there during the hottest time of the day. However, that’s not a long-term solution. Sometimes, you want to use your garage — no matter the outside temperature or the time of day.

Here are four ways to beat the heat in your garage and keep it at a more comfortable temperature.

1. Get It Insulated

If your garage’s temperature varies as the outside temperature changes, even affecting the temperature of the rooms around it, it may show that your garage isn’t insulated very well.

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The proper insulation will keep more heat from the outside coming inside your garage. And, if you have air conditioning running in the garage, it will prevent that cold air from escaping. There are some lower-cost insulating materials you can add to your garage that can keep it from getting too hot during high-temp days. You can also insulate the frames of the garage’s doors and windows.

2. Use the A/C

If you use your garage as a workshop or a place to work on other hobbies, you’re spending a lot more time there compared to people who only use their garage for storage or to park their cars.

Adding air conditioning to your garage is the more expensive option of cooling your garage, but it but can be the most effective. You can air condition your garage at a lower price by using a window air conditioner — if your garage has a window, that is — or a portable unit. However, these last two methods are only realistic for smaller garages.

3. Improve the Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, all the hot air from outside will become trapped in your garage. This can make your garage have higher temperatures than the outside temperature. You can naturally ventilate the garage by opening doors and windows to the outside. If you can, make to sure cross-ventilate so you can get some airflow moving in the garage.

If you’re willing to invest some money in improving the ventilation in your garage, you can install either an active or passive ventilation system. Both types of systems will help remove the hot, stuffy air from the garage. A passive system will use little to no power, while an active system will require more electricity to function properly. Both of these ventilation systems will help improve the airflow in your garage and lower its temperature during the summer.

4. Add Some Fans

If you’re trying to cool down your garage on a budget, using fans is the best option. If the garage is tall enough, you could install a ceiling fan. But, make sure you still have enough clearance to park your cars and store your other things.

You can also use standard household fans in your garage to cool it down, like an oscillating or box fan. Simply open the garage doors and use the fan to help blow out the hot air.

5. Get a Dehumidifier

A significant contributor to the Florida heat is the state’s high humidity year-round. A dehumidifier will take the moisture out of the air in your garage, making it more comfortable to spend time in. A dehumidifier will also make the garage a better place to store things, saving items from being damaged by the high humidity.

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