Posted on: July 31, 2017

Your garage door won’t close and the opener’s lights are flashing at you. This is an incredibly frustrating experience, but it’s also quite common. The good news is that this issue is typically easy to fix. To learn how to resolve the problem of a garage door that refuses to close, watch this video.

Knowing Your Safety Features

Your garage door is equipped with several safety features designed to keep you and your loved ones safe, as well as to prevent any damage to your garage door, your door opener or other personal property. One of these features is your safety reversing mechanism, which includes two sensors on either side of your garage door’s threshold.

These two sensors cast a beam of light across the threshold. When your garage door is lowering or trying to lower and something breaks this beam of light, the safety reversing mechanism engages and refuses to lower your door — or it reverses your door if it’s already in motion.

Where to Find a Solution

First, check the area around your door’s two sensors for anything that might be obstructing the beam of light. If you see nothing, check the sensors to make sure the green LED lights are fully illuminated and shining brightly. If they are not, it’s an indication that your sensors are misaligned — that is, the beam between the two is not connecting.

Loosen the wing nut on the receiving sensors and move the sensor around until the light is fully illuminated — not flickering, dim or off entirely. Then re-tighten the wing nut and test your garage door. It should be working normally.

Once your door is closing again, test out the safety reversing mechanism to ensure it’s working, too. While the door is closing, wave a broom handle or a similar object across the beam between the two sensors. Your garage door should immediately begin to reverse.

Get Help When You Need It

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