Posted on: March 12, 2020

Updated: March 12th, 2020

Garage doors are used by most homeowners every day as the primary entrance to their homes. With constant use, it’s common to experience problems with garage door functionality due to worn or damaged hardware.

One of the most universal garage door issues for homeowners is a misaligned garage door, which makes the door incredibly difficult to raise or lower. In extreme circumstances of garage door misalignment, you may be trapped inside your garage or stranded outside of it. The best solution for addressing a misaligned garage door is quickly identifying the cause of the misalignment and finding the appropriate fix to reduce damages and inconveniences, quickly returning to your normal routine.

Causes of Misaligned Garage Doors

Misaligned garage doors can be frustrating, especially if the door refuses to open or close at all. Fixing misaligned doors often depends on the type of performance problems your door is exhibiting. Does it make unusual sounds while moving? Is the door rubbing or binding? Do you notice gaps between the door and the stop molding?

Most garage doors have door runs inside the garage door track that help to smoothly and steadily guide the door open and closed. If the garage door performs several cycles per day and is irregularly maintained or was recently struck by a vehicle or object, then it can be easy for the door to become misaligned over time. If a misaligned garage door is not repaired in a timely manner, it can lead to additional hardware damages, including:

  • Garage door binding that will impact how effectively the door can open and close
  • Gaps between the garage door and the stop molding causing direct damage to the door itself
  • An off-balanced door, which can lead to the door becoming off track

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