Posted on: November 16, 2017

If you’ve recently tried cleaning up your garage, you know just how much stuff you can cram in there! It’s surprising the amount we can jam into a garage space and still fit the car. At a certain point, it can get overwhelming and it becomes difficult to find what you’re looking for. When you get to that stage, it can be helpful to learn a few practical organization hacks for your garage.

Here at Broten Garage Door Sales, we specialize in top-quality garage door sales, installation and service. We spend a lot of time around customer garages, as you can imagine, and have made a note of some of the most interesting tips for garage storage and organization. These are our top hacks:

  • Visual marking: Do you know the expression “a place for everything, and everything in its place?” Think about applying that concept to your garage. Mark areas on the ground, walls and shelves to create a unique space for different things you’ll be storing in your garage, including car-related items, winter items, outdoor items, camping items, etc.
  • Car door protectors: If space is a little snug for opening your car doors, you can install a door protector to avoid door dings against the walls or between your cars. While you can purchase purpose-made protectors, you can also save money and simply hang an inflatable floating mattress or rubber foam on a rope from the ceiling to create a cheap and practical divider.
  • Overhead power cords: Having power cords running every which way can be a hassle in your garage. Why not make better use of your overhead space by installing a cord reel? If it works for professional garages and race car pit crews, it will work for you! You can purchase a retractable reel for your power cords as well as an electric light for when you’re working on your car.
  • Go vertical: Make the best use of all your garage space by installing shelving and storage that goes right to the ceiling. You can hang bulky items such as bikes, carriages and wheelbarrows on large hooks to get them up off the ground. This can also help avoid damage when you’re pulling into your garage. You can even find spring-loaded storage bins that retract to the ceiling when not in use.
  • Wall lighting: Depending on the layout of your garage, wall-mounted lighting might give you better coverage and visibility than ceiling-mounted lighting. Adequate lighting allows you to find what you’re looking for more easily and creates a more inviting space to work. You can also update your garage door with one of our models that features windows to allow in more natural light.
  • Create a workstation: If you’re often tinkering under the hood of your car or repairing your lawn equipment, having a small workstation with a laptop or tablet can be handy. You can access online guides, videos and information in a few clicks and even order parts if you need them. Dedicate a space for storing and charging your device so you’re always connected.


These are some of the top hacks we have for organizing your garage space and making it more useful. Securing your garage is also important, so make sure your garage door opens and closes properly and allows for safe and secure locking.

If you are curious about more tips for garage storage and organization or have some of your own tips to share, contact our team here at Broten Garage Door Sales and let us know! We’d be happy to learn how you organize your garage and pass those tips on to our customers.


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