Posted on: April 7, 2020

Updated July 23rd 2020

How to Program a LiftMaster Remote

A remote control for a LiftMaster garage door opener enables you to control the function of your home’s garage door with a quick press of a button. Three of the most popular LiftMaster remote control options are the 890MAX (3-button mini), 893MAX (3-button visor) and 895MAX (3-button multi-frequency) models. In this post, we’ll provide a brief overview of how to program these remotes.


Your Step-by-Step Guide

While the process will vary somewhat depending on the specific model, here are the basic programming steps:

  1. Close the garage door before attempting to program the 890MAX, 893MAX or 895MAX remote.
  2. Make sure your garage door opener contains a lightbulb. A flashing light at the end of the process indicates that you’ve programmed the remote successfully.
  3. Find the learn button by locating the side of the garage door opener from which the antenna wire hangs down.
  4. Note the color of your opener’s learn button, as this will indicate the number of times you’ll need to press the button on your remote control during programming:
  • Yellow: 1 press
  • Purple: 2 presses
  • Red/Orange: 3 presses
  • Green: 4 presses
  1. Press and hold the program button on the remote control until the LED light comes on. If you have the 890MAX or 895MAX, you’ll need to insert a paper clip into the small hole to press the button. The 893MAX requires the use of the attached visor clip.
  2. Choose a button other than the program button and press and release it. The specific model style will dictate the number of times you’ll need to press and release the button (see the video for more details).
  3. Press and hold the remote control button you pressed in the previous step until the door opener lights flash and the opener clicks twice.
  4. Test the remote by pressing the programmed button. The garage door should open.
  5. Repeat the process for the remaining buttons on the remote.

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