Posted on: February 2, 2021

If you need a new garage door, you may not simply have money sitting around to pay for a new one. Of course, saving is one option for getting the new garage door you need. However, financing is another solution, and for many homeowners, it’s one worth considering.

Can You Finance a Garage Door?

There are a few options when it comes to financing a garage door. You can go to your bank or traditional lender for a personal or home renovation loan, or you may be able to use a line of credit or credit card.

Another option is to work with Broten Garage Door Sales. You can apply for financing right from our website. Just fill out a simple form, and we’ll contact you with details.

Benefits of Financing a Garage Door

Financing comes with many benefits:

  • You Can Get a Garage Door Now: Instead of having to wait and dealing with a broken door, financing allows you to enjoy a new garage door now.
  • You Can Get a Better Quality Garage Door: With proper financing, a quality door that is functional and attractive could well be in your reach. When you buy a quality garage door instead of settling for a lower-cost option, you may get more out of your investment with fewer repairs and a longer life for your door.
  • You Can Improve Your Home’s Safety: Your garage door is a line of defense against pests, the weather, and intruders. With a better quality garage door, you can ensure your home and your family or guests stay safe. Financing can help you get the door with the features you need.
  • You Can Improve Curb Appeal: Especially if you are selling or renting out your property, new garage doors make sense. You may even be able to recoup the costs with a higher rent or asking price.
  • You Enjoy Better Quality of Life: With a new garage door, you’ll be able to count on it to function how you need it to — without it requiring frequent or ongoing repairs.

Some homeowners worry about getting financing because they don’t want to pay interest. However, financing your garage doors may make financial sense for you if:

  • You May Save Money: A garage door past its prime can be expensive. If you get pests in your home or if your heating bills go up, you may end up spending a lot of money over time. If you keep repairing an existing garage door instead of replacing it, eventually the repair costs may match or exceed the costs of a new purchase.
  • You Can Take Advantage of Great Financing: Quality financing, such as offers from Broten, can make financing an affordable option. You’ll enjoy predictable and affordable payments, too.
  • You Can Take Advantage of Deals: Is there an amazing deal on garage doors right now? Are interest rates low? Financing allows you to time your purchase so you take advantage of the most beneficial financial terms.

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Broten is a family-owned and operated company with more than 60 years of experience in the South Florida area. Over three-quarters of our business comes from referrals and recommendations, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Apply for financing with Broten Garage Door Sales today. You’ll see how affordable quality garage doors can be. With Broten, you may qualify to pay no interest if you pay off your balance in 18 months — and by getting financing and installation from Broten, you enjoy one-stop shopping, without having to arrange financing with your bank.
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