Garage Door Parts

At Broten Garage Door Sales, we do more than install garage doors — we can help you maintain your existing one. We can renew worn parts and keep your door running smoothly with our stock of garage door products.

Cable Drums

Cable drums house the cables for your garage door, and they help it stay balanced as it moves up and down. When your drum warps or cracks, it may not be able to guide the cables, and your door may struggle to move.

We offer cable drums among our garage door replacement parts to keep your door working at its best. We’ll also install them to ensure everything is in place.


The cables on your garage door transfer the energy from the springs to the door, so it can move up and down. These cables endure a lot of wear and tear, and if they snap, the energy can’t transfer to your door.

If your cables have seen better days, you’re due for a replacement. At Broten Garage Door Sales, we can replace your cables to help your door run like new. When you come to us for complete door installation, you can trust the cables will be sturdy and ready to work.


Garage doors have many moving metal parts, making them prone to friction. Lubricant keeps everything oiled to reduce wear and help every component work smoothly. It can also make your garage door run quieter. If you’re hearing grinding and squeaking, you need a lubricant refresh, and Broten Garage Door Sales can handle the job.


If you look at the sides of your garage door, you’ll see metal tracks running from the floor to the ceiling. Rollers allow your door to move down these tracks, keeping it in place and supporting smooth motion. These parts also face friction regularly, making them susceptible to wear.

Falling out of alignment and excessive noise are signs that your rollers are ready to be replaced. At Broten Garage Door Sales, we have you covered.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs store energy to lift your garage door. They transfer their energy to the drums and cables to make a fully functioning system, and when they’re worn, you may experience several issues.

Signs of worn springs include closing crookedly, loud snapping during operation and partial opening. If you’re seeing one or more of these signs, contact Broten Garage Door Sales for garage door opener parts.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is a vinyl trim that surrounds your garage door, and it’s designed to keep water out of your garage and protect the components from rust. While worn weather stripping won’t directly affect how your door functions, it can accelerate wear on other parts.

If you can feel a draft when your door is closed or notice cracks in the stripping itself, it’s time to renew your seal.

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