Garage door weatherstripping is the process of installing a thin strip of material — also called a garage door weather seal — along the bottom, top, and side door jambs. This stripping helps weather-proof your door, insulate your garage, keep animals out, and protect your garage door components from heat, cold, and humidity.

The ideal material for weatherstripping is rubber or vinyl.  It is water resistant, flexible and lasts a long time

The Benefits of Garage Door Seals

Weatherstripping is an essential part of weather-proofing your garage and garage door. Even if your door looks like it fits your garage perfectly, there will be gaps. Luckily, weather seals fill those gaps.

Weatherstripping keeps air conditioning locked inside in the summer, which is crucial if your garage doubles as a workshop, studio, or living space.  It also helps keep water from entering. Insulating your garage with weatherstripping can save you money on energy bills all year round.

Weatherstripping also helps protect your garage door components so that they last longer. The metal rollers, hinges, and springs that make up your garage door system are vulnerable to damage from water and humidity. When moisture comes into contact with your garage door, the parts may rust and deteriorate faster than usual. Combining weatherstrips with regular maintenance using a silicone-based lubricant can protect these components and save you money on replacements.

When to Change Your Weatherstrips

Over time, the weatherstrips will start to deteriorate, dry out, and even fall apart. Garage door weatherstripping bottoms are often the first to wear down, and you should check your weatherstripping at least twice a year. Make sure your garage door is closed when examining the seals and check for:

  • Light: Is there light coming through the seals at any point? Weatherstripping should fill all the gaps along the sides of your garage door.
  • Wind: Can you detect a breeze from outside? Does it feel overly hot or cold near the seals?
  • Damage: Do you see any cracks, or are there any brittle, flaking, or missing sections? This type of deterioration is a sign that you should replace the seals.

If you notice your weatherstrips are wearing down, you should replace the entire trim or section.  The professional technicians at Broten Garage Door Sales have the skills to install new weather seals for an effective and even seal.

Reliable Garage Door Weatherstripping for Sale at Broten

In need of reliable, high-quality weatherstripping for your garage? Broten Garage Door Sales has you covered. We stock an extensive selection of garage door products and parts. We offer the best installation and replacement services in South Florida, so you can be confident you’re getting a service you can count on. We even guarantee a one-year warranty on our installations and repairs.

Ready to learn more? Contact our team online today or call us at 954-946-5555.

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