Gallery® Collection

The Gallery Collection provides stylish carriage house designs at affordable prices. Available in different panel designs and colors including faux wood finishes, these doors make a great first impression that will quickly become a lasting impression. Enjoy vintage-style steel garage doors with an updated appeal.


  • Grooved-panel steel carriage house garage doors
  • Long or short vertical-grooved steel panels available in 3-layer construction
  • Two insulation options: polystyrene or Intellicore® polyurethane with thermal break
  • R-values from 8.9 to 18.4
  • Rust-Prevention System — Steel skins are protected with a tough, layered coating system, including a hot-dipped galvanized layer, a protective metal oxide pretreatment, and a baked-on primer and top coat.
  • 12 factory finish paint colors available
  • Impact Windows available
  • Comes complete with spade lift handles and step plates. Additional decorative hardware options are available.


Custom doors are priced on request and depend on the design and material of choice.

Design Options

Door Design

Short Panel

Long Panel

Top Sections

Solid Top Sections

Short Solid

Long Solid

Window Options

Plain Short

Long with Square Grilles

Short with Square Grilles

Plain Long


Standard White

Glacier White


Desert Tan




Mocha Brown


Ultra-Grain Dark Finish

Ultra-Grain Medium Finish

Ultra-Grain Walnut Finish

Ultra-Grain Slate Finish

Hardware Design

Lift Handles

Spade Lift Handles (Standard)

Spear Lift Handles

Colonial Lift Handles

Olde Door Pull Handles

Gate Latch Handles

Escutcheon Plate(s)

Twisted "T" Handle

Twisted "L" Handles

Step Plates

Spade Step Plate (Standard)

Spear Step Plate

Colonial Step Plate

Decorative Hinges

Spade Strap Hinge

Spear Strap Hinge

Colonial Strap Hinge

Wooden garage door with windows across the top

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