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Eden Coast

Eden Coast Garage Doors are custom-designed garage doors that incorporate composite overlays applied to steel, hurricane-rated garage doors, giving you the look and feel of wood without the maintenance and headaches. The custom-designed process allows more options, more availability and more freedom to create the door of your dreams. Let the design of your garage doors complement the design of your home, turning your garage into a room all its own. Increase your curb appeal today, and start to design your home “addition” without limits.


  • Multi-layer, insulated, sandwiched-steel construction for added strength needed in South Florida
  • Composite-clad finish to create that exterior custom design
  • Two insulation options: Polystyrene or Intellicore® Polyurethane with Thermal Break
  • R-values range from 8.9 – 18.4
  • Choice of Colors and Finishes
  • Custom Design Option Available
eden coast garage door cross section

Door Design

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