My Safe Florida Home (MSFH)

Homeowners in Florida face unique weather challenges. In the spring of 2022, the state’s legislature voted to reopen the My Safe Florida Home program, which provides a grant to strengthen homes against hurricanes. Learn more about the program and what you need to qualify.

What Is the My Safe Florida Home Program?

This Florida grant for hurricane upgrades offers eligible homeowners up to $10,000 to cover the cost of hurricane mitigation projects. As it’s a matching grant program, the state will provide $2 for every $1 that homeowners contribute. A homeowner who provides $5,000 of their own funding will receive the maximum amount, $10,000, from the state.

The program consists of two parts — inspection and construction. Single-family, site-built homeowners can apply for a My Safe Florida Home wind inspection, which identifies areas that could be improved to protect against additional wind damage. Inspections will be free to eligible homeowners.

The second part of the program provides grants for home improvements that protect a home from hurricane damage.

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Qualifications for the My Safe Florida Home Program

Map of wind-borne debris regions

Homeowners must meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for an MSFH grant:

  • The homeowner must qualify for and provide proof of the homestead exemption.
  • The homeowner must provide proof that their home is insured for under $500,000.
  • The home needs to be located in the wind-borne debris area of Florida.
  • The home’s initial building permit must have been issued before January 2008.
  • The homeowner must agree to a re-inspection following the completion of construction.

Additionally, homeowners who receive funding from the MSFH program must agree to work with a contractor from the program’s list of approved contractors.

Strength Your Home Against Hurricanes With Broten’s Hurricane-Rated Doors

Take advantage of the My Safe Florida Home program and upgrade your garage door to a durable, impacted-rated door from Broten! Every garage door Broten sells is hurricane-rated and capable of protecting your home from damaging winds. We’re the largest Clopay door dealer in South Florida and have been for more than 20 years, and each of our garage doors comes with a one-year labor warranty.

Hurricane-Rated garage doors are a crucial component in protecting your home against hurricanes as they:

  1. Protect your home from internal pressure which can blowout windows, the roof  and supporting walls
  2. Protect your home from water damage
  3. Protect your home from long-term damage


Contact us today to learn more about the MSFH program or browse our selection of hurricane-rated doors.

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