Posted on: July 28, 2017

As spring turns to summer and the thermometer climbs, you’re often stuck struggling to keep your house cool. We’re blessed in South Florida with some of the warmest weather in the country, but sometimes we need to get out of the sun and enjoy a cool space. If you recall having a tough time staying cool last summer and paying high energy bills, our team here at Broten Garage Door Sales has some comfort and home energy-saving tips for you:


  • Insulation is the key: Keeping the heat out and the air conditioning in comes down to having adequate insulation. This doesn’t just mean insulation in your walls, but also for your windows and doors. If your windows and doors are getting old, it might be time to replace them with modern energy-efficient models that seal your home off from the heat of summer.


  • AC unit maintenance: Your AC unit needs regular maintenance to run properly. It’s a good idea to get you’re your AC checked by a professional on a regular basis. In Florida, that means a few times a year. Regular maintenance and service can help avoid a breakdown, which can make being in your house unbearable.


  • The right humidity level: Feeling comfortable in your home comes down to having the right temperature and humidity level. Too much humidity can make the air in your home feel wet and sticky, even if the temperature is right. Ensure your dehumidifier is working properly and that your AC unit is maintaining a comfortable humidity level — typically around 40%.


  • Keep doors and windows closed: While you need to go in and out, teach your family members to be quick about it! Leaving a door open even for a few minutes can raise the temperature in your home by a few degrees. Do your best to go in and out of your house as quickly as possible to avoid letting your precious cool air escape to reduce your energy consumption.


  • Adequate garage insulation: Your garage is a huge buffer for your home and can help insulate against the heat of a South Florida summer. Always keep your garage door closed when you’re not going in or out to keep heat from entering through your garage into your home. If your garage door is no longer insulating properly, consider upgrading it to an energy-efficient model from our lineup.


  • Air movement: Install fans around your house to keep the air circulating and your energy bills lower. This can also help your AC system by moving the air more efficiently around your home.


  • Stay hydrated: One handy tip for staying cool in the summer has nothing to do with your AC system or your home itself. Simply make sure to drink lots of water in the hot summer months. Staying hydrated helps your body regulate its temperature better. You’ll feel more comfortable and won’t need to crank your AC up as high, meaning lower home energy costs.


We’re lucky in South Florida to have such wonderful warm weather in the summer. These energy-saving tips will ensure your home stays cool and comfortable while lowering your bills and saving you money. If you think your garage door is allowing hot air to enter your home, contact our Broten Garage Door Sales Team today. We’ll inspect your garage door and help you choose a more energy-efficient model that helps lower your energy bills and keep you cool all summer long.