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How to Videos

1. How to Make Opener Wifi Enabled

3. Why is the Wireless Keyless Entry not Working?

4. How to Disconnect your Door from the Opener

5. How to Check the Balance of your Garage Door

6. Why won’t my Garage Door Close?

8. Using Smart Control Panel® to Change Lock Settings

9. How to Turn off the Light Featuring Smart Control Panel®

10. How to Program a Remote Control using the Smart Control Panel®

11. Why isn’t my Remote Control Working?

12. How to Program the Model 877LM Wireless Keyless Entry

13. Why is my Light Blinking and my Remote Control is not Working?

14. How to Change the Battery in your Wireless Keyless Entry

15. Why is my Garage Door Opener Beeping?

16. How to Program Travel on LiftMaster® Security+2.0 Garage Door Opener

17. How to Program a Wireless Keyless Entry

18. How to Erase the Memory of your Garage Door Opener

19. How to Program my Remote Control

21. Why are the Lights on my Garage Door Opener Staying On?

22. How to Change the Battery in your Remote Control

23. How to Connect a Remote Control with an All-Star Keypad

24. How to Connect a Remote Control with a Marantec Keypad

25. How to Use a Marantec Transmitter

26. How to Use a Multi-Code Keypad

27. How to Program Your Own PIN on an All-Star Keypad