Posted on: September 12, 2017

Export Garage Doors

As Hurricane Irma inched her way across the Atlantic, the realization of just how dangerous and devastating she was going to be for the Caribbean, as well as for Florida, began to hit all of us. Hurricane Irma first made landfall on Antigua and Barbuda and then continued a week-long rampage before making landfall once again in Florida. As Floridians, we have seen our share of hurricanes — including Andrew, Katrina and Wilma — and have dealt with the devastating aftermaths, but nobody could have been prepared for the devastation she caused these once beautiful islands and the people who call them home. Tens of thousands of people no longer have a home and have lost their livelihoods. The amount of damage done is inconceivable and so many are wondering how they can help. Royal Caribbean, as well as other cruise ships, have sent ships with supplies to some of the islands in dire need.

As a family-owned and operated company in South Florida, Broten Garage Door Sales is dedicated to providing our local communities with the best products and service possible. As an active member of the community, we firmly believe in providing assistance to those in times of need. While we have a lot of damage and rebuilding to do here in our own state, if you need materials for your property in the islands we can assist you as well. We can arrange for product shipments anywhere in the Caribbean.

Exporting Garage Doors to the Affected Islands of the Caribbean

Broten Garage Door’s team is dedicated to helping these heavily hit areas of the Caribbean by exporting and shipping garage doors. We will be shipping both residential and commercial overhead doors to anyone in need, and we need your assistance in doing so. We want to provide them with products that are tested and guaranteed to exceed hurricane code requirements in order to ensure their safety going forward. Our hurricane-rated garage doors provide quality construction and peace of mind for future storms. If you or anyone you know who lives in these heavy hit areas, please contact us today.

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