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April 15th, 2019 | Posted in Clopay, Energy Efficient, Garage Doors, Green Construction, Insulated, Monthly Specials

Should You Choose an Insulated Door???


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The truth is, why WOULDN’T you need an insulated garage door!? As anyone living in Florida is well aware, we are exposed to some pretty extreme weather conditions. Having an insulated door is a great asset in the protection against Mother Nature, and an overall increase in the quality of life at home. Let us provide some examples as to why you need an insulated garage door.


Oh man the heat. It never lets up. If it’s not hot, it’s sticky. We live on land that used to be a swamp, so we shouldn’t be surprised when we walk out to our garages in the morning to leave and immediately are met with nasty, sticky, hot air. But nonetheless, we never get used to it. It’s always there. And that is the number one reason you should have an insulated garage door.

Your garage door protects the largest opening to your home, making it the easiest way to lose cold air. An insulated garage as a buffer space between the cold air and the heat. It keeps the heat out and the cool in and that helps save on your electric bill.

How many times have you stored something in your garage only to have it damaged from the heat? In Florida, we have no basements, and our attics aren’t much more than crawl space, so our valuables often land in the garage. Ever seen what heat can do to a record? A book? Or how about what it will do to those priceless childhood recordings? Having the right insulated garage door can help protect your valuables from being lost or damaged.


How many times have you seen a dented garage door.  A typical garage door is a single layer of steel and dents easily.  When you choose an insulated door, the garage door is 2″ thick and filled with foam and sealed with a second layer of steel on the back.   This helps reduce dents from dropping a garden tool on the inside of the door, hitting the outside with a baseball or when a branch comes crashing down.


In addition to helping you save money and protect your valuables, an insulated door rattles far less, and travels up and down much smoother. Insulated garage door owners often comment about how much quieter their door is now. Not only is the door quieter, your house is quieter! An insulated door is also a sound barrier to the noise outside. Anyone living on a busy road should definitely consider an insulated garage door to stomp out the noise pollution entering through their garage.

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