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Common Questions



1. I need to replace a remote

I need to replace my remote control

Take a deep breath. Now say to yourself, "I'm OK!" Replacing a garage door opener remote control is a common issue and programming an Intellicode remote control is easy. Please look at one of the scenarios below for the best solution for your situation:

  • My Remote Control was lost or stolen.
  • I purchased an additional remote control and just need to program it to my opener.

If your remote control has been lost or stolen, a person will have unabated access to your garage. You should erase all existing remote controls out of your receiver.

STEP 1: To erase all controls:

Press and hold the learn code button until the red LED stops blinking. This process will take approximately 10 seconds. This will render all remote controls and your optional external wireless keypad inoperative.

STEP 2: To reprogram your new and/or existing remote controls:

Press and release the learn code button on the receiver, while the red LED is blinking, press your transmitter button 3 times. This will lock in a new code and you will be able to use your remote controls normally. Repeat this process for each additional remote control you have.

To reprogram your existing Intellicode Wireless Keypad. Press and release the learn code button on the receiver, while the red LED is blinking, open the cover on your wireless keypad, press the same personal pin number that you originally programmed and press the SEND button 3 times. This will allow you to use your keypad normally.

2. I purchased an additional Remote Control:

If you have simply purchased an additional remote control and wish to program it and not delete any other device.

To program your new remote controls:

Simply, press and release the learn code button on the receiver, while the red LED is blinking, press your transmitter button 3 times. This will lock in a new code and you will be able to use your remote control normally. Repeat this process for each additional remote you have.


2. What is Intellicode?

Intellicode is a state of the art rolling code system that changes the access code transmitted with each push of the remote control button. It prevents an unauthorized person from entering the garage by eliminating access code duplication and sends a new access code automatically, from billions of combinations, each time the system is activated. Intellicode assures that only the remotes you program will open your door.

3. Does the size of my door affect the type of opener that I need?

Broten garage door operators will travel to a Maximum door opening of 7'6". However, you can purchase an extension kit to open an 8' door. For doors up to 12' high, please contact us.

4. How much room inside the garage do I need to install a Broten garage door opener?

The overall length of the Broten Intellicode Screw Drive openers is 10' and requires a minimum of 2 1/2" above the highest point of door travel.
The overall length of the Broten Chain Glide™ openers is 10' 2" and requires a minimum of 1-7/8" above the highest point of door travel.

5. Are Broten® Intellicode™ openers compatible with the HomeLink® system in my car's visor?

Broten Intellicode Openers are only compatible with HomeLink models that are equipped with Rolling Code Technology. In December of 1996, HomeLink had a transition process to a rolling code (Intellicode) compatible offering. The transition was scheduled to run through the 1997 model year. Most current year models are rolling code compatible.

The earlier versions that were not compatible with rolling code radio systems utilized a RED indicator light. The upgraded rolling code compatible systems utilize an AMBER indicator light or a triangular RED indicator light within the HomeLink icon. The same training procedure is used on rolling code compatible systems as previous versions with an additional step. Once the original transmitter as trained the HomeLink transmitter, the receiver must be trained to accept the HomeLink transmitter. The process would be the same as adding a transmitter to the receiver.

The vehicle owner's manual provides detailed programming instructions for both fixed code as well as rolling code radio systems. If additional information is required you can contact Prince, the company that manufactures Homelink, at 800-355-3515.

6. Do I have to install the Safe-T-Beam?

The Safe-T-Beam system MUST be installed. The operator will not attempt to close the door if the beams are not installed. Due to federal regulations under UL325, there is no way to bypass or eliminate the Safe-T-Beams.

7. How do I get into my garage when there is a power failure?

If you do not have an entrance into your garage other than the garage door, you should install an Emergency Release Keylock (GER-2) on your door (available in the Broten Store). The GER-2 releases the carriage from the outside so the door can then be opened manually. Available at most local retailers or from an Authorized Dealer for professional installation.


8. How many remotes can I program to work with each Broten operator?

The Broten Intellicode operators will store up to 7 remotes in memory. It will continue to accept the code of additional transmitters but will drop one remote for each additional remote added. When the operator drops a remote it is in a random order, not necessarily the first one coded. If you have a Broten non-Intellicode garage door opener, there is no limit to the number of remotes you can code.

9. Will my old remote control work with the new Broten Intellicode opener?

NO . The Broten Intellicode transmitters (remotes) will only work with the Intellicode and CodeDodger transmitters.

10. Where can I find my model and serial number?

The model number is located on either the powerhead near the mounting bracket, or on the rail near the powerhead, depending on the type of opener purchased. The serial number is on a small white sticker which has "WK YR P I" printed above the number. You will find this sticker on the powerhead by the light sockets. If you have already installed the lens cover, you will need to open it to see these items.

11. What remote control do I need?

To determine the type of remote control you will need for your garage door opener, you will need to determine what type of receiver you have. All newer model Broten garage door openers will include an internal receiver (normally located under the light cover) and the frequency or Intellicode (IC) designation should be on the model number decal located on the powerhead. These receiver boards should have coding switches (dipswitches) or an Intellicode "learn button".

All older Broten garage door openers would have the receiver mounted somewhere close to the powerhead in a small box by itself with 3 wires attached to the powerhead, the frequency should be on a decal on the receiver box and would also have dipswitches inside.

If you have a newer Broten garage door opener (1995 or newer) with Intellicode, you can use any Broten Intellicode remote accessory and remote control. All Intellicode systems run on the 390Mhz rolling code secure frequency. If your older garage door opener runs on a 390Mhz frequency and has dip coding switches, then the remote control you need would be the Broten GT912 single button, or GT90-(2 or 3) for 2 and 3 button remote controls.

If your older unit runs on any other frequency and/or does not have dip coding switches. The receiver system that came with your operator is of an obsolete frequency and/or type. We no longer carry remote controls for these older receivers. The receiver kit can be replaced with a 390MHz digital, or Intellicode GIRU upgrade receiver kit. These kits are available from your local Broten dealer or major hardware store.